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Philosophy is the study of fundamental problems, such as knowledge, existence, mind, reason, and language. The primary goal of philosophy is to find answers to the “big questions” in life, such as how we should act (ethics), how we obtain information (epistemology), why we exist (metaphysics) and how we interpret things (logic). These different branches of philosophy may overlap one another at times. Philosophy is through to have begun by an ancient Greek philosopher, Socrates, who is considered to be the most important philosopher of all time. The following resources will provide you with more information about philosophy and its disciplines.

General Philosophy

  • What is Philosophy: Detailed description of what philosophy is, what the Greek term derives from, and the controversial topics that surround philosophers.
  • Tour of Philosophy: Learn about the traditional subfields of philosophy, special fields, and its general, educational, and non-academic uses.
  • Branches of Philosophy: Brief definition of what philosophy is and what its not, as well as information on the branches of philosophy.

History of Philosophy

  • Lectures on the History of Philosophy: Here you will find the history of oriental philosophy, Greek philosophy, philosophy of the middle ages, and modern philosophy.
  • History of Philosophy: Information on the origin of philosophy and how it came to be in Babylonia and Assyria, Egypt, China, India, and Persia.

Famous Philosophers

Philosophy Indexes

  • Philosophy Periodical Indexes: Collection of philosophy periodical indexes, including hundreds of journals, books, and essays on philosophy.
  • Main Philosophy Index: List of philosophy indexes, which includes a collection of texts and writers from the 1600 to 2000.

Topics in Philosophy

  • Philosophy Sites by Topic: List of topics under philosophy, including ethics, environmental philosophy, and metaphysics.
  • List of Philosophy Topics: This collection of philosophy topics provides journals, books, magazines, and newspaper articles for research papers.

Philosophy Journals

Philosophical Societies and Associations

Philosophy Guides

Learn Philosophy

Philosophy remains an ongoing quest for a comprehensive understanding of how the world works and human existence. The diverse ideas and thoughts of the most popular philosophers from ancient times to present help us to gather knowledge in each of these areas.